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CoolCD Studio is a splendid and cool application. And this is not only our subjective opinion. Many different software sites, magazines, competitions and various software reviewers admit it. On this page you can see a collection of some awards and reviews that CoolCD Studio has got.

ZDNet gave its "ZDNet Editors' Pick and 5 Stars Rating" award to CoolCD Studio!
(MAXIMUM rating)
ZDNet 5 Star Editors' PickZDNet's reviewer said: "Here's a CD player that truly lives up to its name. CoolCD Studio not only gives you just about every feature you'd want in a CD player, but its attractive, customizable interface is a real delight to look at (especially if you have the oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functions turned on). Full CDDB support is provided -- and we do mean full -- including querying, submission, job caching, and queuing."
-ZDNet May 31, 2000

Hot File of the DayCoolCD Studio was selected as the File of the Day on ZDNet on May 7, 1999!
CoolCD Studio was featured on as the "Hot File of the Day" on May 7, 1999. In addition to a "5 Stars" rating at the ZDNet Software Library, CoolCD Studio received this most valued award from the Ziff-Davis Editors!

5 cows - MAXIMUM ratingCoolCD Studio got a "5 COWS" on TUCOWS!
(MAXIMUM rating)
Finally we've got it! Not from the first attempt but CoolCD Studio got 5 COWS - Tucows' highest possible rating! Only the best, truly cool applications receive this highly valued rating, and CoolCD Studio is one of them!

5 stars - MAXIMUM ratingCoolCD Studio got the 5 stars rating on Super Shareware.
(MAXIMUM rating)


5 stars - MAXIMUM ratingCoolCD Studio got a "Glowing 5 Stars" rating on!
(MAXIMUM rating)



ListSOFT, Russia's popular software store, picked CoolCD Studio!
Dmitri, the reviewer of ListSoft, awarded CoolCD Studio with "ListSOFT Cool" honour. In addition CoolCD Studio got "ListSOFT Users' Choice" award.

5 dudes - MAXIMUM rating5 dudes - MAXIMUM rating5 dudes - MAXIMUM rating5 dudes - MAXIMUM rating5 dudes - MAXIMUM ratingCoolCD Studio rated with 5 Dudes on FileDudes!
(MAXIMUM rating)

CoolCD Studio got a 4.5 rating on is a Korean software Web site that specializes in comprehensive software reviews. CoolCD Studio received a 4.5 rating from this site.

CoolCD Studio is listed on "Simply the best"
"Simply the best" lists only the best possible shareware, tested and approved by this site's staff. And CoolCD Studio is listed!


CoolCD Studio has been reviewed A1 Yippee Shareware

Useful software on Computer Press (November 1999)
"Computer Press" is a popular Russian computer magazine which features useful and outstanding software each month.

5 stars - MAXIMUM ratingCoolCD Studio got a 5 stars and Editors Pick rating on
(MAXIMUM rating) is an Indian freeware and shareware website.

SoftSeek review (10/14/1999):
"The program operates like a home CD player, playing audio CDs from your PC's CD-ROM drive. It features a highly stylized, aesthetic interface, with multiple "touch-sensitive" displays. To complement its complete range of playback functions, the program offers a variety of feedback visualizations. Called the "Visual Sound System," these include a sound-signal oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, graphical equalizer, and sound effects. Full CDDB support lets you download CD information (such as, CD title, artist, and track names), and submit new entries or revisions. You can quickly select tracks, and precisely control playing position. CoolCD has multiple view modes (full, brief, mini, and tray) and multiple playback modes (introscan, playlist, repeat, repeat one, and shuffle). The program's audio CD database is fully compatible with Microsoft CD Player INI files. Volume controls are built-in. CoolCD runs as a convenient icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar."

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