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- new feature, improvement        - miscellaneous change        - bugfix
CoolCD Studio v1.5 build 1136 (September 9, 2009)
CD-Text support. If your CD/DVD drive supports CD-Text and you insert a new audio CD with CD-Text then CoolCD will automatically read album/performer/track names directly from the disc and save it into your local database.
Windows Vista support
Disc properties window: new "CD-Text" tab where you can see if the current CD contains CD-Text information, load CD-Text and save it into the local database
Main window: "CD-TEXT" indicator - indicates that current CD contains CD-TEXT information
Main window: "KNOWN" indicator - indicates that current CD was found in the local database
CD/DVD drive selection changed: right click on the CD logo in the main window to select it
True type font (Tahoma) is used in all windows instead of old MS Sans Serif
Improved compatibility with Windows security: configuration and other working files are moved in the user data folder (instead of Program Files)
Updated application icon
Changed help file format (HLP -> CHM)
Fixed several minor bugs
CoolCD Studio v1.4 build 1121 (November 1, 2004)
Print discs report feature. It is possible to print a report of selected discs in database with new Print Wizard. There are two report formats are available: normal and detailed. You can select font name/size for the report and other printing options.
Local Database window: status bar displays the number of selected discs in the Discs List
Menu commands of database window were rearranged
CoolCD Studio v1.3.1 build 1111 (July 29, 2003) - bugfix
Minimize to tray command caused a bug. Fixed.
There were errors in track remainign time mode sometimes (after playing a track). Fixed.
Fixed GUI drawing bug when changing columns width in lists.
Fixed several bugs that were caused by previous version installation.
CoolCD Studio v1.3 build 1097 (April 20, 2003)
New play mode - single play mode. In single play mode CoolCD plays only one current track and then stops playback.
Ability to select one of four first CD drives in the main window
New option "Automatically select CD drive with audio disc inside"
Improved multiple CD drives command line support. Now it is possible to select CD drive in the "/play" command: "coolcd.exe /play <drive_letter>:\TrackXX.cda"



FreeDB support:
- becomes the default CDDB server
- ability to submit entries to FreeDB database
- ability to download/submit disc's Date/Year (CDDB1 protocol level 5 support)

CDDB option "Ask me before downloading" bug fixed
CDDB status window can snap to desktop and made easily movable
New style for captions and caption buttons of all dockable windows
New style for slider controls in the Direct Access window
"Illuminated" track selection buttons in the Fast Track Access window
New style for Information/Confirmation/Warning/Error dialog
Windows XP themes support
Current mode (playing/paused/etc) is indicated on the tray icon while in tray view mode
Changes in mouse support while in tray view mode:
- Single left mouse button click on tray icon plays/pauses disc playback
- Middle mouse button click calls Navigator window
"Whole words only" option in the Search a Disc wizard
Fixed problem with invalid tracks order in Playlist mode
CD seeking does not work if the audio CD has only one track. Fixed.
Fixed several minor bugs
CoolCD Studio v1.2 build 984 (May 7, 2001)
VSS: Added Live Input mode (full duplex sound cards only)
VSS: 10-bands graphical equalizer now works
VSS: Added new option to Control Panel: Audio Thread Priority. This option can be useful when using live input mode
Fixed error that happened when closing VSS window
Fixed several serious GDI resource leaks
CoolCD Studio v1.2 beta 1 (April 12, 2001)
Installation & uninstallation support
CDDB engine has been totally rewritten: it became more stable, official submits, multiple CDDB matches selection, adaptive control of current CDDB protocol level, fixed serious bugs
Built-in integrated audio mixer
Added digital display in mini view mode
Database manager has been totally rewritten
Search a Disc(s) Wizard: searches local database by several disc/track criteria
Import Wizard: imports external disc databases
Export Wizard: export discs to external disc database
Visual Sound System has been totally rewritten. Currently it is in beta testing stage.
VSS: WinAmp vizualization plug-ins support
Playlist editor has gone to the CD Description window
Disc Properties window: now sizable and separated on four tabs: Disc, Tracks, Playlist and Miscellaneous Info
New disc properties: Record Label, Notes. New Track property: Notes
Fast Track Access window: ability to shift track buttons set (1..20 <-> 21-40 <-> 41-60 ...)
Setup window made modalless
Setup: added new actions groups: On Unknown Disc and On Playback Start
Setup: color settings has been simplified, added new appearance schemes and background textures
Setup: now you can control the content of tray icon tooltip by specifying its template
Setup: ability to restore Microsoft Windows CD Player as default CD player
All CoolCD window appears in one color scheme
Dockable windows (Direct CD Access, Fast Track Access, Visual Sound System and Mixer) cab be docked/undocked separately
Fixed bug that caused unexpected computer behavior on inserting an Audio CD when CoolCD is the default player
Main window caption buttons changed (new buttons control the view mode)
System/tray menu structure has been changed (and new commands added)
Two new track seeking commands: Forward 5% and Backward 5% (LEFT and RIGHT keyboard shortcuts)
Mouse wheel support: mouse wheel controls audio CD volume
Audio CD volume now controlled by UP and DOWN keys
Progress Slider (info panel) now can control CD position as well as Track position (right mouse click switches between modes)
Previous Track button now plays the previous track OR starts playing current track from the beginning (action depends on the current play position)
CDDB server window: ability to retrieve server version, status, users list
Two new time display modes: Track/Disc Total Time
Added/changed several keyboard shortcuts
Updated About dialog. Check it out!
Improved format of bug reports (stack dump and other information)
Miscellaneous GUI improvements and bugfixes
Fixed periodical "locks" when there is no CD in drive (Windows 95/98 only)
Changed shareware limitations: unregistered version now is fully functional except that it resets some settings to defaults and displays startup reminder
CoolCD Studio v1.1 (April 12, 1999)
To avoid conflicts with earlier 'Cool CD' software from another author project has been renamed to CoolCD Studio. But the short name remains CoolCD
Since version 1.1 CoolCD is shareware
Full CDDB support (downloads, submissions, queued jobs, online server selection and testing)
Repeat 1 playback mode
64K size limitation for cdplayer.ini eliminated
CD seeking is made much more faster (especially in NT systems)
Playback modes are made more stable
Transition effects (COOL tooltips!) (True color recommended)
Some video ehhancements to Main Window
(now it looks better in non-standard Windows color settings)
Fixed major display problem that occurs if you aren't using
the standard windows font size of 96dpi
Fixed multiple volume control problems (Now it should work!)
Popup menu in Volume Faders (Mute AudioCD, Lock channels, Synchronize channels)
New keyboard shortcuts (refer to help for the full list)
"Sticky Window" feature works in WinAmp-style now and for all primary windows
Video Enhancements in VSS: Fade and Blur filters (impact changeable) (iP200 and TrueColor is recommended)
16-bit sampling now works in VSS
New option in VSS's oscilliscope: Solid Draw
Very first ( alpha ;-) ) version of graphical equalizer in VSS (requires at least iP200-300 and works in 8-bit sampling modes only)
Activity LEDs in VSS
Double click on tray icon restores CoolCD now
Mouse clicks in Navigator window (tray mode) act immediately
Track Progress Slider in Navigator window
Changed Tray icon tooltip: now it's more informative
Database has been completely reengineered and has become more suitable
Date and Category fields in CD Description window
CD-histogram animation in CD Description window
Drag&Drop feature in playlist editor
Total playlist time in playlist editor
New option to Setup: Make primary windows background color compatible with current Windows color settings
Fixed bug with an ampersand (&) in CD Title and Track Name labels
Fixed 20+ track number bug
LOTS of other bugfixes

CoolCD v1.0 (January 13, 1999)
The very first release but COOL already!

CoolCD v0.99
Original version. Unreleased.

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