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- new feature, improvement        - miscellaneous change        - bugfix
Network Assistant v4.5 build 2668 (May 25, 2009)
Chat: ability to insert pictures into channels. It is possible to shrink large pictures, use picture thumbnails, save and copy inserted pictures with picture context menu.
Chat: ability to insert emoticons as pictures
Setup: new chat option "Disable pictures" (see Setup -> Chat)
Whiteboard: ability to refresh whiteboard content. Now you can click "Refresh" button in the whiteboard and Nassi will find appropriate remote user and download its whiteboard content.
Whiteboard size has been increased (1000x700 -> 1400x850)
Message Board: new (and now default) message board mode - "Distributed messages storage" (see in Setup -> Message Board). In this mode the message board does not require dedicated server (and common shared network folder).
Registration now affects all computer users not only the current one. Windows Administrator privileges are required in order to register Nassi in that way.
Current state overlay icon in the tray icon. You can disable it here: Setup -> General -> Tray Icon -> Add state icon.
Viewbar: Ability to disable every page (Users/Chat/Whiteboard...) with context menu command
Viewbar: page notifications were slightly changed
Network Assistant v4.4 build 2622 (May 30, 2008)
Animated emoticons support
Active nicknames, computer names/shares and URLs in chat history and private messages (hypertext links).
New animated emoticons pack "Kolobok" instead of "AngiSmileys" (the "AngiSmileys" pack can be downloaded from our website).
Minimize to tray by ESC key (instead of Alt+T)
GIF screenshots compression speed greatly improved
Network Assistant v4.3 build 2591 (March 10, 2008)
New user interface: menus, toolbars, view bars, icons and docking panels (Users/Network). There are three visual styles supported: "Native", "Standard" and "Office". Large icons mode for toolbars.
Screenshots: multimonitor support (up to 4 monitors)
Improved 3-min traffic history view in the status bar
Message Board: increased local post limits (up to 20 messages including up to 3 high-priority messages)
Tray icon is restored on Windows Explorer crash
Fixed several minor bugs
Network Assistant v4.2 build 2525 (July 9, 2007)
User groups
Customizable emoticons. Ability to import emoticons from Miranda smiley addons - ASL/MSL files (see new page in Setup -> Emoticons).
Windows Vista support
Version-to-version inheritable configuration
Undocked Contacts toolbar stays on desktop even when main Nassi window is minimized or sent to tray
Ability to close the "Main" chat channel
Ability to automatically join password protected channels at program startup
Setup: new option "Enable Network Assistant activity notifications" (see Setup -> General)
New columns in Users list: "Alerts Flags", "Privacy Mode Flags", "Nassi State", "Nassi Version"
Setup Columns dialog modified
Improved Nassi stability against hacker attacks (packets flood / DoS, memory cheaters)
Improved users list permanency
Some optimizations in communication protocol
Fixed some minor bugs
Network Assistant v4.1 build 2393 (October 6, 2005)
Message board: ability to format text of messages (color/bold/italic/underline/alignment) and ability to insert emoticons and external pictures into messages
Message board: avatars support
Message board: ability to collapse/expand single/all messages
Message board saves state of all messages (new/updated/collapsed)
Added timeout protection for signals to single user
Tray icon did not update. Fixed.
Fixed non-permanent error on "Edit My User Details" command (AV-005297FF)
Message Board: fixed bug with bulb flags (New -> Updated)


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