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 Network Assistant Online Help

Here you will find Network Assistant documentation. Explore rich capabilities and nice interface of this software. Learn how to work with Network Assistant and find the information about keyboard shortcuts, command line parameters and other details.
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 Discussion Forums

Here you can discuss Network Assistant software online with Nassi authors and another Nassi users.

 Tips and tricks

Here are some useful advices and tips which would make your usage of Network Assistant more convenient and pleasant:

When Network Assistant starts you can also press the [Ctrl] key to prevent program from loading last used configuration. This will force Network Assistant to ask you if you want to start it with all default settings.
Use shortcuts to change states! This simplifies state handling greatly. These shortcuts are [Ctrl] + <X> and [Shift] + [Ctrl] + <X>, where "X" is the first letter of the corresponding standard state name (Ready, Working, Do Not Disturb, Private, Away and Offline) or number 1..6 (in case of six user defined custom states).
You can prevent remote users from creating/terminating processes on your computer or deny their access to your private information such as screen shots, process list, usage statistics, clipboard. Search on the "Local Security" page of the Setup dialog (available in the Administrator mode only).
When sending an instant message or replying on an instant message you can press the [Shift] key to prevent a message window from closing.
When typing an instant message you can press [Ctrl] + [Enter] shortcut to quickly send a message.
When switching between tabs in the Advanced User Information window you can press [Ctrl] key to disable automatic refreshing.
User's parameter "Idle Time" which you can see in the Users List on the "Users" page means time for which user didn't use the computer.

"Average user activity" statistic parameter, which you can see in the Advanced User Information window, is an averaged value, which is being calculated as:
(1 - OverTime/TotalRunTime) * 100%,
where OverTime is a total amount of all over-1-minute times for which user didn't use the computer.

To appeal to the user in the chat you can press [Shift] key and left click on this user in the Contacts window.
While typing your message in the chat window you can press [Tab] key to autocomplete username in the current cursor position.

You can use middle mouse button to close chat channel (except #Main).


 Network Assistant Newsletter

Network Assistant Newsletter - your source for the latest information about this software. If you decide to subscribe to this newsletter you will receive the latest news, new version announcements, bug reports and other useful information about Network Assistant directly from the author. This service is free.

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 E-mail Questions

If you've got a problem or want to ask a technical question directly to the Network Assistant author, please contact us at . Please provide us with the following information:

Full program version (from the "About" dialog)
Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista version (including service packs and other fixes installed), US or international, OEM or not
Computer information: CPU type, installed memory
Description of your problem (as much information as possible to solve the problem)

Keep in mind that registered users receive answers more quickly.

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